We have this class at school called citizenship which is our teachers trying hopelessly to teach us how to be good people. I can't really attest to it firstly because I'm not taking success advice off of teachers and literally I think they're more childish than we are. I've seen my teachers hold grudges longer than kids in my year, and I swear they have nothing better to do than shit on kids for fun. 

Last weeks was study skills where we get taught how to learn properly, honestly I thought it was going to be a crackpot lesson but honestly it was pretty damn good. I did this online course called "learning how to learn" ages ago and yeah it basically covered most of that stuff in half an hour, your pomodoros, spaced repetition and a few other skills like that. Of course I pretended I'd never heard of any of that because I need to maintain at least a semblance of coolness at school.

On the topic of pomodoros I used to do them ages ago. Like a year ago I was smashing out a pomodoros trying to revise for exams but honestly I haven't done one in months. I realise I should probably say what a pomodoro is. It's a work technique which basically says do focussed work for 25 minutes, stop for around 5 minutes and fuck around then repeat as. the idea is that you avoid wasting time doing distracted work and get more done in less time by avoiding distractions. 

Ever since I've stopped doing pomodoros I'd say I've been working more and better. Pomodoros were great for starting up the habit of working without a distraction but eventually I discovered it's restrictions. Sometime I want to work for longer than 25 minutes because I'm on a roll but after taking a break it was hard to jump back into that productive state of mind. 

That being said I'm grateful that I used pomodoros at first because at the start I didn't have enough self-discipline to not check my phone. Once I'd built up the habit of not checking my phone constantly I could play around how I wanted. 

That long winded introduction is my segue into the topic of this week. Habits.

I'm not sure who or what or if anyone ever said it but its about if someone sees your habits they can show you your future. See in our day we don't really ever do many things outside of our habits. Slowly people become entrenched in them and what your habits are you become. If people are used to going to their low end job and not working hard then that is what they will remain as. The idea is just to cultivate good habits, working hard, doing everything you can and so on. Everything is practise for the big show. 

What I've been focussing on for a long time is just creating great habits. I'm not terribly sure when it started but last year around this time I decided to start a habit of doing 200 pressups a day and honestly it was one of the best decisions of my life. I've always kinda been a gangly asian kid but this did two things for me, one I realised that I could change my body and secondly it made me find solutions. I remember one night I got locked out the house with half an hour or so before mum got home to liberate me. I took off my blazer and just did a hundred or so pressups in the pitchblack of my garden. I was doing pressups whilst waiting for my piano teacher to start my lesson and just in random places. 

I did it for a few months but dropped it eventually because there wasn't much of a benefit and I dunno I think I was just being lazy (I'm kinda trying to do it again but this time I'm doing sets of 40 ish instead of the old 20).

The other main habit is daily blogging. I think I've hit about a year and a half now and yeah it's a nice little thing to do. 

I read a few dozen lines every morning and every evening called the "dokkodo" by miyamoto musahi that help me in life. 

I do music practise every day, I used to not but that used to result in long periods of not playing but doing it everyday even if it's a bad practise has drastically improved my skills. 

For the last week or so I've been taking cold showers. It's brutal and I hate it but it builds character, willpower and just teaches me there isn't much to fear in the world. I definitely wouldn't have been able to do this if it wasn't for me achieving so many habits before hand and I think it's something that really will change my life. 

I'll finish here because my task list is pretty long today, big things to come.


Published by Kevin Li