Do you enjoy earning cash just by playing? Then, wait not - take the plunge to play rummy for money and make some quick moolah! Rummy is a game full of surprises. The game, its challenges, the various offers, and competitions – all lure the players to play online rummy.  But, have you tried winning cash while playing rummy? If you haven’t, then check out these fantastic variants of online rummy and earn some cold cash while you enjoy playing the game too.

13 cards rummy variants

There are three variants of 13 cards rummy – Points, Pool and Deals rummy. These games have slight variations but still, gives several challenges and opportunities to win cash.

Points Rummy: This is a fast-paced variation to play rummy for cash. Also known as Strikes rummy, players can win quick money in the fastest possible time. The game is played between 2 to 6 players and has a fixed prize amount assigned to each point. The winner gets to take all the money lost by the other players. Due to its quick pace and the scope to earn big cash rewards quickly, Points Rummy is the favorite among many rummy players who play cash rummy online.

Pool rummy: This is another popular variant of rummy with comparatively bigger prize rewards than Points rummy. Players are expected to pay a fixed entry fee to play the game. Players who cross the fixed number of points of either 101 or 201 points in 101 and 201 Pool rummy respectively get eliminated. The game continues till all the players except one get eliminated. The player with the least points and does not get eliminated is declared the winner and gets the prize amount. 

Deals rummy: Players of this variant play rummy online for cash for 2-6 deals. In Deals rummy, the players have to pay an entry fee to be vying for the prize amount. The winner of each deal gets to win the chips from the losing players. The player with the maximum number of chips is declared the winner. In Deals rummy, you can turnaround a losing game and emerge the winner. Your elite rummy skills get tested in this game. 


21 cards rummy: Another popular variant of Indian rummy to play cash rummy online is the 21 cards rummy. Players are dealt with 21 cards and have to meld at least three sequences to win the game. The success in this game is dependent purely on the strategies of the players. While the complexities of the game are quite different and more intricate than the 13 cards game, it is indeed a game of skill with ample opportunities to win cash.

Exciting Tournaments 

Apart from the variants of the game, rummy sites offer innumerable opportunities for players with their free and cash games to play online rummy for cash. With free and cash tournaments both available, players can win huge cash prizes by participating in them. In addition, the special festive tournaments are sure eye-catchers too. 


It’s raining cash rewards! Make the most by playing the amazing variants of rummy to win fabulous cash rewards. With a little luck and lots of skill, you’re well on your way to racking up some serious prizes.


Published by Zachary McGavin