Card games are the perfect time pass after a hectic day spent at workplace or college. They are challenging, let the players use brain to win against difficult opponents.

And amongst a good variety of card games, online poker is the most exciting card game ever. People across the world love to play poker games for its distinguishing blend of skill and action. India’s fastest growing online poker site for 2018, which was itself launched early this year, PokerLion is one of the preferable platform for the poker players. Whether you are a new poker player who has lately got curious about the game or you are a pro player, PokerLion is one of the best poker platforms for you.

It’s neat and clean user interface, fraud free gaming platform, collusion free gaming and easy transaction methods are the major benefit for the players. The player also get immense of attractive promotional offers to boost their bankroll like the welcome bonus, deposit bonus, referral bonus and much more which changes from time to time getting more and more attractive and exciting to woo poker fans who are curious about the game but need a boost from the back to begin playing.

The players get free 2000 chips daily to play the free chips practice game and get to practice poker before starting with the actual real money game.

The objective of the game is to make the best five-card poker hand likely using your two hole-cards as well as the five community cards. The online poker game uses two-blind structure: the small and big blind – forced bets used to persuade action. Betting in poker begins off with the player sitting to the left of the dealer and carries on in a clockwise direction. The player to the left of the dealer plays the small blind and the player to the left him plays the big blind. There is a selection of poker game available but here we will discuss about Texas Hold’em.

STEP 1- Download PokerLion App or go to Sign up to make an account and go through the verification procedure. Verify your email address and phone number. Upload your KYC documents and your PAN card which will be useful during the withdrawal of winnings.

STEP 2- After you log in and go to the dashboard to set your profile, click on play poker and you will be directed to the game lobby wherein you can select to play on any table, play on multi table and play the different variants of the game in PokerLion such as Texas Hold’em Poker, Omaha Poker, Blaze poker and different tournaments and cash games.

STEP 3 – At PokerLion, you have a choice to play either online poker free i.e., Freeroll games or real cash games. You can use free chips to play free poker games or deposit money to play cash games.

STEP 4- Select your game and buy-in amount and join the game.

STEP 5- Each player is dealt 2 hole cards or pocket cards and the first round starts with your betting. This is the first phase of the game, and is known as ‘Pre-Flop’. You will get an alternative to Fold, Check and Call/Raise during this round.

STEP 6- Three community cards or board cards are dealt on the game table and the second round of betting begins. The first active player to the left of the dealer seat begins the betting. This step is known as ‘Flop’.

STEP 7- Then comes the step where the fourth card is dealt face up, and another round of betting takes place in the same manner as previous. This phase is known as ‘Turn’.

STEP 8- Ultimately the fifth or the last community card is dealt on the game table. Then the final round of betting before the final round takes place, with the first active player to the left of the dealer seat betting first. This phase is known as ‘River’.

STEP 9- This is the ‘Final’ stage where each player in the game make five-card hand combination using two hole cards and five community cards.

PokerLion strongly believes that poker is a not a game of chance, it is a game of skill where users have to use their brain to tackle an opponent. Poker is a sport like any other common sport like cricket and football. Hence, have a try playing this game through the app. Play well. Hope we face each other at the tables of PokerLion!

Published by rudds james