I have to say, I think I understood more than 30% of what was said to me today. In my book, that’s a pretty great day. Also, after the boys left for school, I officially unpacked all my clothes into the closet and drawers so my room is no longer cluttered with suitcases and backpacks; I can’t tell you how great of a feeling that is. We spent some time tiding up the apartment a little and then went to the store for some things around the house. An interesting tid bit about Spanish life: their shopping carts are these little rolley things that look like suitcases.


The rest of the time, we just laying around, reading or watching TV. Really a relaxing morning. On Wednesdays, the boys don’t have school in the afternoon so we had from around 1 pm until night with them to spend however we like.

Before picking them up, however, Ana and I made lunch. Something I didn’t know, although I picked up on quickly, is that the meals are a little different over here. Breakfast is about the same but lunch is actually the big meal of the day. It is similar to dinner in the United States. The whole family eats together (sometimes even the dads come home from work) and there is a lot of protein, veggies, carbs, and a desert with coffee at the end. (Today, for dessert, we had freses con nata which is basically just strawberries with cream).


At dinner time, there are only tapas which are collections of small appetizers. For example, in the last few nights, we have had cheese, squares of jelly, olives, homemade potato chips, bread with cheese and salmon on top, fresh bread, soup, and the famous giant Spanish omelette. Tonight, we had something I never thought I would ever be caught dead trying: I ate baby eels!!!!! You want to know something even worse? I actually liked them, a lot.


Anyway, after lunch, they took me to see the giant cruise ship in the port of Vigo. Apparently, it’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest in the world. It stops in the port of Vigo every once and a while to allow the fresh wave of passengers a chance to experience the north of Spain. It’s called “Harmony of the Sea”.


For a good amount of the day, we went to the beach and just enjoyed the sun and each other. I brought an “American football” as a gift for the boys and they really enjoyed learning how to throw it. Marcos got really good by the end of it. But you can totally tell they are futbol players instead because they would try to kick the ball to each other instead of throw it. Every once and a while, they would remember that you’re supposed to use your hands instead of your feet. The beach was gorgeous as well. I just couldn’t get used to looking over the water to see a few islands which looked like they belong on a movie set and not in my life.



ALSO! Not at this beach, but at the one where we went to get beers with Jorge, THERE WERE NAKED PEOPLE! I seriously couldn’t even look. Haha, I’ve been joking with my friends and family for the longest time about going to all the nude beaches and when we went to one for drinks, I was seriously so uncomfortable that I had to sit facing the cafe instead. Oh my gosh, I have never seen so much skin before in my life. Sorry, no pictures of that.

Published by Erin Koehler