He stared at her, looking at her with puppy-dog eyes.

She was perfection. She was everything he dreamed about. The perfect girl. The one.
Only problem is, he wants her but she does not want him back. Wouldn't want to have do anything with him. She was only into jocks, the muscle buffs, the masculine men swarming with testosterone.

So either do it now, or never. There'still time to change his mind. But he's been awaiting this for months, to do this. 


He fired the pistol to the girl's head. Fleets of police cars parked outside his rented apartments. He laid the lifeless body on the floor. 

He's suffered so much. The world had been very cruel to him. Even when he offered kindness and generosity, it was cruel to him. The girls were also cruel, when all he wanted was to love them with intensity. He swears he will never become a womanizer, if he gets one girl.

If only someone desired him the way jocks never run out of girls eager to have sex with them....

He looked out the window. He saw the police, right. Was God out there right now, watching his beloved creation kill and kill himself? But the moon was also there. Round and beautiful. His favorite phase. 


He pulled the trigger next to his temple.

Boom! His body fell to the floor. Snatching one last chance, he smiled smugly. Fully satisfied, he passsed on to death. 

Finally, all cruelty ended with one gunshot.


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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo