“Shop This Season’s Must-Have Belt.” “The 3 Biggest Trends for 2016.” “The Only Shoe Style That Matters This Year”

My Facebook feed is becoming more of a guide to fashion every day. I’m sure I’m not the only one getting caught up in this whirlwind of “How-To”s and “Don’t Even Think About It”s. Why is it we are so obsessed with learning the rules of fashion?

It seems counter-intuitive to discuss something as instinctive as fashion in such an academic sense. Does the constant stream of ever-changing rules constrict it so heavily that it loses the root of its purpose – expression?

Trends are always popping up, dying, and cycling through again five years later. It’s only becoming harder to keep up and make sure we don’t, God forbid, cross the line of too much denim (but even that is now popping up on street style – I can’t keep up!). What was once an unspeakable item, is now high and mighty on the Conde Nast pedestal. Is it not then futile to try and work within these guidelines?

If it is so stressful to walk the tightrope of ‘cool’, there must be a reason why we continue to put ourselves through it, why we read Who What Wear and Style.com religiously.

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Maybe it’s our constant exposure to the lives of icons like Gigi and Kendall. Do we envy their lives so much that their clothes are our gateway to even a shred of that glamour? Are their clothes now some sort of manifestation tool for success? Perhaps Edith Head had it right when she said, “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”

For some it is simply a form of inspiration. For people like me, it’s a form of obsession and the source of a lot of stress. The constant need to be on top of what’s trending in street style is draining my energy and bank account.

Then there’s the issue of my bursting-at-the-seams closet (pun intended). If my wardrobe could speak, I’m positive it would yell, “STOP! THERE’S JUST NO ROOM! PUT DOWN THE MASTERCARD!” I should listen – my closet probably knows a thing or two.

The inevitable thing about trends is, at some point, those pieces you invested in after being told they are “time-less”, become obsolete. At the end of each season I need to reserve a moment’s silence for all I’ve bought that Anna Wintour has now condemned.

Despite these rules of fashion sending me into premature aging (something never in fashion), I know I probably won’t leave the church of Style.com any time soon. After all, I need to be told if I can still wear my Mansur Gavriel in public.

In this crazy world of trends, it’s difficult not to lose sight of your own personal style. If pouring over the pages of Vogue helps you find it and provides inspiration, I see nothing wrong! The ridiculously over-quoted Coco Chanel said, “fashion changes, but style endures.” I guess the woman is over-quoted for a reason.


All my love, Chelle

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Published by Marcella Denaro