The Animals’ Saint by Butterflies Katz

For a time, I’d like to be
Saint Francis of Assisi;
The saint I’d like most to portray,
if God made me ‘saint for a day.’
Many species would abound
whenever I’d be around.
They’d understand what I say,
in their telepathic way.


A language other than human words
is understood by deer and birds.
Understanding my heartfelt plea,
Fantail doves would land on me.

Wild rabbits would lose their fear
for I would always have them near.

Paws and hands would intertwine,
Paws of theirs and hands of mineCjaclGTUYAE5Ke0

I’d get cozy with a dog,
I’d learn to leap from a frog.
I would learn to glide and fly

from a Monarch butterfly.
With their innocence, I’d live.

I’d be more inspired to give
In their presence, I would be
like the saint from Assisi.
I would learn a thing or two
from the sad creatures in a zoo.
From their barred cages and pens,

I would free imprisoned hens.
Mammals, fishes, birds and all;

freed from their restraining stall.
I would hold the magic key
that would let them all be free.
If God would grant me just a day,
and any role that I could play,
Without a pause or a complaint,
I would be the animal’s saint.


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Published by Amira Carluccio