When I was down and out of luck
When dark the path, my life had took
When I was at my lowest low
A rope, a helping hand did throw

And pulled me up, out of the pit
And in the dark, a candle lit
And for my hunger gave me "Bread"
Then quenched a thirst inside my head

This loving servant helped me see
There's so much more to this, than me.
By helping me, she showed me love
And led me to the One above

And now, alone, as I reflect
I find a spot of self-respect
That had been drowning in my tears
And had not shown itself in years

Let me through life, now walk, not run
Because the help of this true one
Did set me straight and on my way
And I'll remember day to day

 (Author unknown)

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Published by Amira Carluccio