Begin each morning with a talk to God,

and ask for your Divine inheritance

of usefulness, contentment and success.

Resign all fear, all doubt, and all despair.


The stars doubt nor, and they are undismayed,

though whirled through space for countless centuries,

and told not why or wherefore: and the sea

with everlasting ebb and flow obeys,

and leaves the purpose with unseen Cause.


The star shades its radiance on a million worlds,

the sea is prodigal with waves,  and yet

no lustre from the star is lost, and not

one drop missing from the ocean tides.


Oh! brother to the star and sea , know all

God's opulence is held in trust for those

who wait serenely and who work in faith.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox



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Published by Amira Carluccio