reaching_for_the_stars_by_skyfights-d8p0nlgWhen the evening shadows lengthen,
And the sun has gone to rest,
The wind has stopped its blowing
Gentle breezes from the west.

The bees have stopped their buzzing,
They rest at peace within their hive,
The grass no longer waves back and forth,
No more rainbows in the sky.

The squirrels are getting all tucked away,
Their acorns are packed up tight.
Won't be long, till winter is here,
And the flowers all say Good-Night.

When the moon comes over the mountain,
And the stars come out one by one,
Again our day's work is over,
With the setting of the sun.

It's time for our reflections,
Looking back on work and play,
To bow our head and close our eyes,
And count our blessings for this day.

(Author unknown)


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Published by Amira Carluccio