Ocean Angels, come swim with me

I long to see you in the deep blue sea.

How I honor and  wish

you good.

Will you come closer,

closer to me?


Ocean Angels in the Heavens below,

let me come near you

and teach me all you know

of this life and the deep mysteries;

share your ancient wisdom with me.


Ocean angels with the Buddha smile,

ocean angels playful like a child,

ocean angels, I love your spirit

pure and wild.


Ocean angels how different we are!

You have fins and tails

but you know that our hearts beat

in time to the same song of love

below and above the sea,

Ocean angels...

(Author unknown)


PINK DOLPHIN: I believe that this is one of the species of dolphins recently extinct over the last recent years...

Let's help the rest of these beautiful and intelligent beings survive in the wild. They are being fished for meat consumption and their babies sold to captivity for entertainment, separated from their families forced to live in artificial small pools and "do tricks" for life.

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Published by Amira Carluccio