He appeared from the miasmaic fog of dust and fumes, the setting sun aglow behind him-so beautiful with those lazy clouds drifting slowly with the wind, a dazzling shade of burnt sienna. like a paint brush had been rinsed off of them.

His stride kissed every inch of the ground he walked upon. His frame fit perfectly within the space he commanded, 

but it was the eyes. The laziest brown eyes I have ever seen. They had a lazy jig to it too. Like a jazzy beat. Those eyes struck strange chords with every batting of the eyelids-a tune so unheard of it ricocheted through my body like lightning. Simple and in-adorned lightning, standing by itself in all its stark majesty amidst a swirl of darkness.

His smile. Alluring, effortless smile. How can a mere mortal posses the smile of an angel? Had an immortal so recklessly bequeathed a human with powers to maim the sanity of other men? To confuse them and drown in a sea of bliss and awe?

And his laughter resonated across the room, sending ripples like an underground Bon-Jovi concert in the heart of Detroit...I could go on and on but,

So quickly did I fall for him that no one in the room even heard a sound. The woosh! as I fell.

Published by Faith Msl