This poem is directly linked with the poem titled 'You'.  I will explain more below.


You Two

You are warm, you are happy, you are kind.

We have the same frame of mind.

You are open, like to talk, like to share.

I always know that you care.

You’re encouraging, helpful and strong.

With you I feel I always belong.

You ignore all the lonely, all the bad.

Are always there when I feel sad.

You care not where I’m from, where I’ve been.

With you I can always be seen.

You are not embarrassed by my look.

Even compliment me when I cook.

You know nothing of how I feel.

With you I’ve started to heal.

You will always be there for me.

And now I can finally see.

With you I can now feel whole.

For you love my heart, my soul.


The idea of the title ‘You Two’ is a play on the words’ Love You Too’ and it’s kind of linked up (a sort of second instalment) with this poem I wrote recently titled  'You' (there is a direct link below the sharing buttons).  If you haven’t read that one please do, it’s very different and you’ll understand the story of this one better:).   Hope you enjoyed this poem!

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