I hope the message of this poem reaches the right people.



You think I do not know you,

You think I am someone I am not.

You believe I do not remember,

When in truth I never forgot.

You imagine someone different,

You imagine someone weak.

You believe she wouldn't dare.

When in truth she's able to speak.

You thought you could hit her,

You thought she wasn't strong.

You wanted to control her,

When in truth she didn't belong.

You do not know what's real,

You think it's all a game.

You like to say it's my fault

When in truth I'm not to blame.

I've had enough of this life,

I'm tired of being this way.

I will never let you near me,

When you try to ruin my day.

I won't allow another minute,

I'm sick of living your life.

Today's my day of freedom,

The day I stopped being your wife.


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