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What I'm going to be talking about can be a sensitive issue. While going about my day, I remembered a quote from Pinterest: "Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die". It's something that struck a chord in me because of how simple yet completely relatable it is. Holding grudges or holding onto anger can be because of several things but in the end, you're only hurting yourself.

Personally, I actually can't hold a grudge or stay angry no matter how hard I try. The main reason being: it's just too tiring. Yep, I'm literally too lazy to hold a grudge. The thing is, I'm the kind of person that cannot rest easy if something is bothering me. Holding a grudge or being angry definitely fit into this category. If I have those kind of thoughts or feelings inside me, I will do everything I can to solve it just to get it out of me. Otherwise, I'm just going to keep thinking about it all day, everyday. I'll ponder about it when I'm cooking, writing, playing games and I might even dream about it.So you see, this gets in the way of my daily life so I take longer to do my task and thinking about it requires energy. So, I just solve it as soon as I can.

Now you may ask, "But Purple, doesn't it also require energy to think about solutions to getting rid of the nasty thoughts? But Purple, what if you've been thinking all day to find solutions that it tires you out as well?" Well, listen up little mages: I like problem solving. No lie. I like finding solutions to problems. I like putting myself up to the challenge of saying Sayonara to the stupid thoughts and feelings inside of me.

**Before I continue on to the next paragraph, I'm just going to clarify that "holding a grudge" or "staying angry" is worded as "problem" (just so I don't have to keep writing the actual phrase). Okay, carry on:**

And, being the nerd I am, here's something I learned in Math that applies to the real life: there can be three types of answers to any problem: definiteindeterminate or none at all. If the problem has a definite answer, then you just have to keep working until you get to the correct one. This isn't tiring for me since I see it as using my energy wisely. If the problem has either an indeterminate answer or none at all, well, you just need to learn to leave it like that. This doesn't bother me anymore because I know the problem is not within me or it's just out of my power to fix or it's just naturally like that. Thus, there's really no negativity inside me so I'm not bothered by anything. BAM! Math is useful.

Now, I know that others don't necessarily share the same thought process as I do. And that's okay. You can solve your problems in your own pace and whatever way you want. All I'm really going to ask of you is this: please don't stay angry or hold grudges. As Dan-Senpai (danisnotonfire) said: "you need to do everything in your power to be happy". You can't really do that if you're drinking poison.

Thank you for reading, you guys are awesome! 

~little Purple.Mage

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