Yes, let's talk about the big game of the moment, the Pokemon Go app. To be specific, I want to talk about the lawsuits it's attracted. Lawsuits from people who weren't paying attention and got hurt. Lawsuits from land owners who got trespassers from people who decided that they didn't need common sense that day. 

Personally, while I never have and am unlikely to ever play Pokemon Go, I hope that all of these lawsuits fail and there are three major reasons for that. 

The first is simply that I think the app has had a positive impact. There are a lot of people going outside who normally wouldn't. As well as interacting with one another and bonding over their love of the game. There's also the benefit to businesses to consider, with many being patronized by hordes of wild players. Almost lie they'd laid out honey in the tall grass. There are a lot of benefits we're seeing from people playing this game and it would be a shame if that was sabotaged by frivolous lawsuits. 

The second reason involves a very basic concept that I like to call personal responsibility. It should go without saying that each of us is responsible for our actions and the consequences thereof. If you make a decision to cross the street while looking at your phone then you have only yourself to blame for what happens. If you decide to go onto someone else's property, you're responsible for the trespass, not some phone app. That should be obvious but no, you get a lot of people blaming the app. The cynical part of me says that the likely explanation is that they think they can get a good amount of money by going after a big company even though they know their complaint is invalid. The more generous part of me says that some people just want to avoid responsibility for their actions or find it more palatable to blame a faceless corporation than a person they can see. Either way, these lawsuits are nonsense and putting the blame for some individual's bad decisions on a game that actively advises its players to be aware of their surroundings. 

The third reason has to do with the technology itself. Say what you like about Pokemon Go, but it's undeniable that the tricks they use to "bring Pokemon to life" for the game are really interesting and well crafted. I'd hate to see other companies hesitate to work with and develop those tricks for their own games because they're afraid of frivolous lawsuits. 

Published by Mischa A