Pokemon Go was released a week ago for Android users across the world and it is certainly creating waves. 

This app uses your GPS to track your whereabouts and inform you of Pokemon available to catch in your area. Water Pokemon can be found by real life water points such as rivers and the sea, whereas most land Pokemon seem to be randomly placed around the world. 

Pokemon Points or Muriels that relate to your own surroundings are there to be discovered. For example within Cardiff Town the Principality Stadium along with Cardiff Castle and a number of other points can be used to replenish Pokeballs and obtain items and XP in order to level up your trainer. Items received at these points can be Pokeballs, Raspberries used to lure wild pokemon into Pokeballs,  eggs that you have to walk to incubate and many more.

Pokemon can be captured by throwing Pokeballs at them. Precision throwing is the only way to ensure captivity and sometimes higher level Pokemon can take a number of attempts in order to catch them successfully. The camera on your phone is incorporated when capturing Pokemon as they appear in front of you within your location and try to evade capture. 

Eggs are given at Pokestops where the only way to incubate them is to walk the distance required. Just today I found a 10KM egg. It’s going to take a couple of days for it to hatch. The higher the distance required the rarer the Pokemon inside. At level 9 I was given a lucky egg which usually you have to pay for within the online shop. These eggs are valid for 30 minutes and they double any XP gained within this time.

Gyms can be found scattered around also. Pokemon battle to be the strongest in each gym to earn XP and the title of Champion. Three teams battle for overall domination of all gyms. 

Like any Pokemon game, there is the ability to evolve. However this is an app that includes 250 types of First Gen Pokemon. The hardest pokemon to evolve so far is Magicarp into Gyarados. You would need to catch 101 Magicarp to evolve it. 

This app is engaging, promotes exercise and can be highly addictive and in general, great fun to explore with friends or independently. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone! Just make sure when playing you are aware of your surroundings and careful of roads because this app could be dangerous if enough care isn't taken while playing.

Published by Gabrielle Cummings