Many said that the world would end in July 2016. Yet, it was not the first time that such preposterous assumptions had been made. People used to say that the world would end in 2012, but it never did. Now, in 2016, they said that the world should have ended on 29th July, but it never did. We thought it was over, and that we were safe. We should have been much more cautious. The world did end, just not as predicted. We never saw it coming, and not even the best psychic could have predicted the coming of such an end. It didn't happen all at once. It was over a period of time, gradually, slowly, and nobody really realised what was going on. The truth was that it already started on 6th July 2016. 
The virus spreads, but everybody did not sense something amiss. It first started out in Australia and North America on July 6. Quietly and unknowingly, the virus spread  even more. U.K. was next, followed by the rest of Europe, Canada, Puerto Rico on consecutive days. The virus ceased it's infection for a couple of days, but on the 22nd of July, it resumed its path of destruction. Japan was struck, followed by France, Hong Kong, Latin America, the Caribbean and most of Southeast Asia. Those who were infected barely noticed anything. While scientists and the government tried to work together to find a cure, they only allow themselves to become one of the infected. The name of this virus was known as 'Pokemon Go', and those infected went by the name of 'Trainers'. Regardless day or night, shine or rain, they would be out on the streets in groups, searching and hunting. They do not require rest and always seem to be full of energy. When on the streets, they are extremely boisterous and loud, often attracting the attention of by-passers. If you so much as cause them to lose their prey, don't hesitate, just run. They won't give chase, but if you stand there, you chose to put your life on the line. Sadly, I have been infected as well. Lucky for me, I am missing something very crucial that the virus requires to fully take over. Data. 

Published by Vitae Ihlathi