I know I am a bit late to the Pokemon GO world, but in my defense I do not like to jump into anything too mainstream because I like to be a bit original or whatever. The game has been out a little over a week now. To be perfectly honest, I was even more adverse to the game when I heard pedophiles were using it to lure kids to their houses (um no thanks!) The idea of walking around outside in the blazing Pennsylvania heat with my phone out trying to catch some fake Pokemon on my screen didn't seem like all that much fun anyway. In fact, it sounded perfectly idiotic. 

Then my mom kept asking me about it.

In our family, I am the one who is all "up to date" on all things cool in this generation. I'm not sure why, to be honest, because I am not very popular on any social media (I mean, my Instagram posts only get 14 likes if I post about one of my favorite bands or something). I have, like, 2,000 followers on Twitter (only about seven of which I actually interact with on any kind of regular basis) and we won't even talk about Facebook.

After about the third time of my mom asking about this game in a five minute time span, I finally broke down and downloaded it. I did so with the full intent of deleting it after I showed my mom how it worked. I spent about five minutes signing in and creating my character before I was prompted to go capture my starter Pokemon. This is when my inner geek started to wake up. 

The starter Pokemon are Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. When I was much younger, back when Pokemon was simpler than it is now, Charmander was my favorite Pokemon. Suddenly, I was running outside into the night (I think it was around 10 o'clock...) trying to figure out which way I needed to go to capture my favorite fire Pokemon. Unfortunately, I got turned around a lot, so I ended up getting a Bulbasaur instead of a Charmander...

To make matters worse, when my mom/brother finally made their  account, they knew how to get Charmander (thanks to me) so now they have a Charmander and I'm stuck with Bulbasaur. 

(Not that I dislike him. I was a huge Pokemon fan back in the day so I love a lot of the older generation Pokemon)

That excitement of catching my first Pokemon was the little taste I needed to get hooked on this game. In fact, that same night, at 2 o'clock in the morning, my mom and I were out in the yard trying to catch some that were near us. We walked around the block at around three in the morning looking for a Caterpie! I walked out into a downpour because there was a Pokemon nearby that I just had to catch.

Now I'm currently sitting somewhere in Ohio with 39 Pokemon, two eggs I need to walk around to hatch (hard to do when we're traveling across the country....) and absolutely no Pokeballs. This is where the game gets tricky. To get more Pokeballs, you need to go to a Pokestop (which are typically around monuments in cities). 

Something cool about this game is just how close it is to the actual show. You have to throw the Pokeball just right to capture the Pokemon. Sometimes they break out or run away (so frustrating!) I wasn't really too sure how much I liked that I was going to be forced to pick a team (#TeamValor, #TeamMystic, or #TeamInstinct) and then battle for that team, but now that I have chosen, I can honestly say I don't mind it at all. 

That feeling of belonging to a team, whether online or in real life, makes anything you do that much better. Getting to talk to people on your team about the game and what they do makes the experience more engaging and entertaining. Have a little fun with it! Show your pride on social media! I sure did...

Another great thing about Pokemon GO is that, because you do a lot of walking (unless you are one of those losers that cheat by using drones or programs to make you move without actually walking), you can download one of those apps that donates money to a charity for you walking around like an idiot! Now you can exercise and help a local charity! It's really a win-win situation! 


Published by Caitlyn Booth