With all the huge hype about Pokemon Go, The GIP decided to express some of its feelings towards being the very best, like no one ever was.

I was wondering what is Go different from the its normal games, you basically catch pokemons, train them, can show them to your friends and even battle them (which you cannot in Go) and become a Pokemon master in the metagames. Then I thought that maybe the fact that the map became the real world literally, and the fact that you have to search for Pokemon as if you were the trainer from the games makes the Pokemon you catch a lot more personal and gratifying to own.

But as it is said in Portuguese, “there’s no princess without an if”; as all the people who play Go know, the game’s servers keep crashing, making things a lot impractical and difficult to play: you find a Pokemon on a certain spot and then realize the game crashed, reboot the game, and the Pokemon is no longer there. The GIP doesn’t live in a busy city, it likes to keep a certain distance from the commoners, so there are a lot fewer Pokemons, and on top of this, the already few Pokemons disappearing is so nerve-wrecking and unfuriating sometimes. In addition, this makes the counting of distance for the eggs to hatch wrong. In the afternoon after walking 5 km, the game only counted 3,5 km, and this makes a lot of difference. Also, for people who like running, running could be a good way to make the steps count, but this gets frustrated if one has to stop every one hundred meters to check if the game has not crashed and is counting. Finally, the footprints for the distance to the Pokemons haven’t work yet. So far, only 3 footprints have appeared, even if the Pokemon is one meter away.

Apart from this issue, The GIP thinks the game could be improved in other ways. It would be fairer if the Pokestops were spread all around the areas randomly, instead of specific points of interest somestimes all concentraded in the same area. Although it may be interesting to check places and get in touch with your local culture (which The GIP praises a lot), it would also be fun if Pokestops were found in the mountains, or in a forest path.

Another thing that could be done is make the availability of Pokemon related to the location they are found, for example, water Pokemon near the ocean, rivers or lakes, rock Pokemon in the mountains or bug Pokemon in the forest. Lea lives at almost 500 hundred meters of altitude with no river or lake nearby and finding a Magikarp in her living room doesn’t make a lot of sense, taking into account the novelty of Pokemon Go is about bringing the Pokemon to the real world.

Despite all of this, Pokemon Go sure is a lot of fun, but the servers problem needs to be taken care of quickly. For the game to be perfect, maybe battling with wild Pokemon or other trainers in the street as a means of training instead of having to multiply catch the same Pokemon would be cooler, but the game is already great and with the servers crashing, it is enough for now. Who knows, maybe in a near future? =)

May The Almighty GIP be with you, L.T:Htlls, Blck Dth Jqs

Published by Cap. LeatheHatless