Pokemon Sun and Moon - Episode 3

Good Rotomorning, I am the Rotom Zukan!

The original team rocket team of Jesse, James and Meowth arrive in the Aloha region. They have the same goal that has been their M.O. since the first season of Pokemon, steal rare Pokemon. Meanwhile, Ash is giving his Rotom pokedex, it has been programmed to speak to humans in English. Rotom explains that it's "self-learning," and updates its "data every time it encounters Pokemon."


In the forest Team Rocket searches for Pokemon, they encounter a Mimikyu. They confuse it with a Pikachu and when the head slouches to one side, it appears to Team Rocket to have broken it's neck. Meowth realizes that it's a Pokemon wearing a Pikachu like cloth. Meowth is creeped out by what Mimikyu is saying, Jesse throws him at Mimikyu. Meowth uses Fury Swipes, but they have no effect.


Team Rocket verses Mimikyu

Meowth then attempts to lift up Mimikyu's cloth, being knocked out and ends up in a weird subconscious state. Meowth awakes as Jesse and James splash him with buckets of water. Ash and his friends arrive, as Team Rocket hides in the bushes. Ash and the others run into the Mimikyu and Rotom Pokedex explains what is known about it. Rotom stats that Mimikyu's "actual appearance is unknown and may have killed scholar's who died from shock."


Mimikyu verses Pikachu

Ash attempts to capture Mimikyu with Pikachu and uses Iron Tail. This attack has no effect and the cloth Mimikyu wears deflates. It then attacks Pikachu with Play Rough, followed in succession with Shadow Claw. Pikachu uses Electro Ball, that Mimikyu easily knocks back. Team Rocket interrupts the battle and introduces themselves, but none of the new friends of Ash are aware of them.


Jesse sends Meowth into battle against Pikachu, it uses Electro Ball that is deflected by Shadow Ball from Mimikyu. It tells Meowth that it plans to help Team Rocket. Mimikyu seems to hate Pikachu, it takes on the appearance of Pikachu because it hates it more than anything. Mimikyu attacks with Shadow Ball, however, a Bewear grabs Jesse and James. Meowth grabs Mimikyu and they chase the Bewear further into the forest.


When Mimikyu was first introduced it became a internet sensation. It was seen as sad and adorable for copying Pikachu. However, this episode seems to have changed that image and replaced it with a really creepy one. I like Mimikyu's design and it's intense personality and I think it's the perfect Pokemon for Team Rocket. It's hatred of Pikachu is very interesting and I hope that the series will explain it further. I think that Mimikyu is a perfect fit for Team Rocket.


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Published by Jerrell Robertson