This is the more advanced truth. At first people perceive good as the pathway. Then they realize duality or polarization is actually the key to self-destruction or distortion of mind and body.
Then there is the realization that all in this universe is merely a projection, the vain imagination you mentioned in another.
Thus all aspects of this universe are simultaneously as real and fake, good or evil as can be. The true observer, the heart and mind of the human and the true self, that is the only real essence in this entire universe and that can't be changed but only delayed from realization or weakened.
As well, there is the notion, that because of manipulation, the one's who reached the projection point to create interference did so with the eye towards personal gain and thus this universe is trapped by ego.
This truth is the advanced truth meaning one must walk through the fire unscathed to find themselves on the other side. The level of truth is in the eye of the beholder and so one will see what is within them based on their own level of spiritual advancement.
What one holds with, they create in this holographic projection.
Attempting to "fight" for good merely generates the required vacuum for "evil". Trying to procure evil outlines and further strengthens the reality of "good".
The only true reality is based on what eternally is, without having to be projected by a half-brained, bi-optic, polarity consciousness human.
Again this the advanced truth that all who make the journey to the true reality will know and live in or they will stay in the meat grinder of this reality and eternally play "switching roles" as that is the nature of duality and polarity consciousness.
The final conclusion of this can be presented as such.
At first one sees reality as only that which they align with. Through this, everything is one. This is "good" as per whatever the individual perceives as wholesome for themselves.
Then there is a perceived division through everything via polarity consciousness. Thus everything is half and half and there is a constant battle.
Then one sees that the perceived battle is internal and there is no actual validity to the polarity in reality, this is all projected from within.
Then one moves back into the knowledge of the "one" goodness, because then the 'dark' end of the polarity is seen to be the illusory one, while everything is actually entirely composed of 'light' or the good end.
In other words. One might see the light in their room upon awakening.
Soon they begin to notice the contrast of the shadows and how there are some objects 'lurking' in the dark.
Then, after careful consideration, they may realize that for them to even be aware of what's in the dark, there must, too, be some light there and that pure darkness simply would not exist at all. So the shadow dark is merely where there is less light and thus all things in existence are composed of more light or less light.
To come to this conclusion one must walk the path that confronts the darkness, without fear.

Published by Aug Tellez