Whether on Holiday, or waking up on Saturdays,
During Catholic mass we discuss;
Were the alter boys raped by the Vatican’s right hand,
Easter Sunday we search for candy baskets,
Steve Jobs earned millions,
Paying Child factory workers pennies,

Counting our blessings,
Muslims in China by law can’t participate in Ramadan,
Afraid to speak honestly in case one is fasting,
Western governments label ‘Allah Akbar’ terrorism,

Rednecks calling immigrants ‘Towel Head Niggers’,
Rappers can’t write one stanza without ‘Nigga’,
Heterosexuals call homosexuals ‘queer’,
GLBTQA aligns Queer with Feminist Theory,

Men label women ‘Bitch’; strong and persistent,
Prince becomes assertive he is complimented,
Nicki Minaj becomes assertive she is a ‘Bitch’,
‘Bitch Media’ one of the most influential feminist blogs,

Occupation of U.S Presidents: Slave Masters,
Still raping field slaves,
Mixed brothers and sisters caught between two worlds,
Not only U.S Presidents,
White wives can’t resist African measurements,

Some say this poem is vulgar, would you call ‘I Can’t Breathe’ extreme?
American Sniper counted the number of Muslims he killed,
Google tallies the number of African Americans hung via the noose by the KKK past and present,

Young women wish to have ‘Kylie Jenner’ lips,
Kim’s ass is fake and a result of plastic surgery,
White women wishing for a natural tan,
Not only trying to act black but look black,
Europeans trying hard to replicate natural African physique,

If it wasn’t for Hitler; most people would know of King Leopold,
George Bush birthed from the ancestry of Genocide,
Pesticides and White Phosphorus dropped nonchalantly,
Atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima,
Oakland PD open fired and killed Black Panther Leadership,

Words are words until historical precedence asserts itself…

Published by Khalid Zilberg