In our everyday life, we generally get confronted with a lot of people who tries to dissociate themselves with politics. You can be one of them, but the question is not about political status. It beyond any party or organisation. But what to say when people completely side line themselves from any sort of linkage or impact of politics in their life. 

Do you think that it could be possible for anyone to escape out of it? Anyone who has no impact of politics in her life.

Yes, it would be. If you were in Stone Age. But a person living in this era of Industrial Revolution 4.0 would have barely any choice to escape out of it.

Even I would say, it starts right from our home. When we plan for our expenses, saving, investments, to name a few, all are one or the other way impacted by politics. The rise or fall of gasoline price, food items, clothes, etc., all are the outcomes of politics that we experience every day.

So, I probably guess that till now, you have come to know what exactly politics means. In laymen terms politics is an instrument of governance that formulates policies affecting society at large.

When we start counting on positive and negative impacts, we generally struck over some negatives like corruption, nepotism, criminalisation, dominance of particular group or caste as they are very easy to judge. But when we come to positives, it’s a little bit hard to guess.

And, let me help you in this. 

Among others, the most important change that politics has brought into us is, it improved our life. The way which we lived a few years back is totally different from today. When you look around, you can easily get it. We get connectivity, electricity, communication, markets, industry, jobs and much more. All are the result of political interventions and it created an ease of living for us.

Few times ago, there were disparity in society but now norms are changing, people are moving out of those traditional barriers and started accepting basic human rights like Right to Life, Right to education, Equality, Freedom of speech, movement and so on. In some areas these were directly admitted by society and in other political will has enforced it.

The same case is with the status of women, not only their status improved but also, they get a better life to live with equal rights at par with men.

Moreover, the introduction of LPG i.e. Liberalization, Privatization & Globalization has totally revolutionized our lifestyle. You would have never imagined that without going to China you can have taste of those famous noodle or Manchurian on your table, that’s really fascination. Politics has impacted every round of our life from our thought process, conscience to our decision making. That is the miracle of politics in our life.

But keep that in mind, a revolution can never be so easy and up to a great extent we have to pay for it by adjusting our self to those changes, whether favorable or unfavorable. So, to keep policies in track its very important that people exercise their rights. Those rights which are provided by constitution i.e. fundamental rights, political rights like Universal Adult Franchise, etc. For this we need to work on our mindset so that we can realize its true importance, create awareness among masses and fulfill your responsibility towards your family, society, nation and mother Earth at large. So that next time whenever you struck with the same question about your political status, you will “Pause,Think & then Act……”.

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