Have you ever noticed that when a politician has finished speaking you are left in the dark as to what they actually said? They try to mesmerize you with their ability to speak well, with just enough emotion to pull you in but you know in your heart-of-hearts that they didn't mean a word they spoke. When a politician says they are for the middle-class and are going to protect you from all those evil wealthy people on Wall Street, but then you find out they are being backed by millions-upon-millions of dollars from those same people, do you believe what they say, or what they do? When they tell you that countries like Saudi Arabia should have nukes, but you know they will never allow them to have it, do you believe what they say, or what they don't do?

When did becoming a politician require you make up whatever you think the people want to hear rather than what they should hear? Are we not suppose to be electing these people to lead us?  If my boss told me, "I will give you everything you want and more if you will just please come to work for me and stay forever", I would know something was wrong. However, when a politician does the exact same thing, why do we accept that as being the truth?

It's sad when we have to decide which of them is lying to us a little less than the other and then choose between them to lead our country, and the world. I would so much rather someone just tell us the truth and be done with it. They all say "I will fight for you", "I will make life better for you", "I will make the world a safer place to live".  Since we already know they are lying, what exactly are we supposed to believe?

Does an 18 year old really deserve $15.00 an hour to serve up a cone of ice cream? (that had better be a darn good ice cream cone!) Does a hunter really need a weapon that will fire 300 rounds-a-minute? (I do not want to meet up with the animal that requires that sort of firepower!)

For me, and maybe me alone, I would love to hear a politician tell me like it really is. They do not need to use fancy words, they do not need to use emotional appeal, they just need to tell me the truth. True, $15.00 an hour for a no-skill job will ruin this country and the reason people want those 300 rounds-a-minute weapons is so that the same thing doesn't happen here as it is happening in Syria. Those are honest answers. We may not like them, but they are the truth. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, aren't you tired of knowing you are being lied to? How about a little truth for a change, something we can all believe in, something we can all be proud of. Or maybe, just maybe, we are lying to ourselves about ourselves.

Published by John Olbert