People who live in apartment blocks obviously can’t enjoy the pleasures of a personal pool. However, owners of small backyards often tend to think that they can’t have one either, which is a huge mistake. As long as there’s a backyard, there is space for a pool. Here are some pool design ideas for a limited amount of space.

1.      Modern and minimalist

The currently popular minimalist trend puts an emphasis on a simple, clean design with straight lines and clear-cut shapes and there is no reason why this style should be reserved only for the indoor areas. Make your pool perfectly match your modern home design by opting for a square-shaped one. Additionally, shape your deck to serve as a bridge between the house and the pool, but don’t forget that it also has to be as squared-shaped as possible. The squarish design is the name of the game when it comes to minimalism and opting for a rectangular in-ground pool, 9 by 18 feet in size is an excellent starting point.

2.      Curvy

Although the minimalist movement has seen a rise in popularity, many homeowners still prefer the classic style. The problem with curvy pool designs, however, is that they tend to take up more space than the rectangle ones, and we’re looking to save as much room as possible here. Nevertheless, if you plan it carefully, make the most out of your yard’s natural shape, as an irregular-shaped pool design might just do the trick. Combine it with natural stone and the right canopy and you’ll get a dreamy ambience of a tropical retreat in your backyard, instead of a sterile, modern vibe. If you want to evoke the feel of openness inside your backyard, though, you’ll have to do a lot of planning.

3.      Depth

If the high point of your pool experience is jumping into it and then going back out to rinse and repeat, depth is going to play a huge role in your design. Depth, however, is rarely a problem when it comes to small backyards. Although there probably won’t be any room for a long, gradual decline into the depths, a level deep pool is certainly easily achievable. Also known as plunge pools, these require little square footage and are great for small backyards.
Think about it, while many small backyard owners opt for a jacuzzi thinking that they don’t have enough room for a pool, they often oversee the fact that a plunge pool is perfectly capable of taking up just as much square footage, but offering more depth and a better overall experience. The deeper the pool, however, the more difficult the maintenance will be, which is immensely important for hygiene and health reasons. Make sure that you equip yourself with top-of-the-line pool supplies regardless of the pool type you have.

4.      Backyard

A pool will hugely influence your entire backyard design. You need to think about how it fits into your general lifestyle, how much deck space you will need (especially vital for small backyards), as well as how it will affect the appearance of your home exterior. You can come up with an outdoor dining space or barbecue area for family parties, or you can aim for as much open space as possible to make your artificial pond stand out.

All in all, efficiency and simplicity should be the main guiding principles when designing a small backyard pool. Regardless of what type you choose, always think about the space around the pool that will actually define it.

Published by Emma Lawson