These are a tasty treat for both kids and adults. They are super simple to make and healthier than your store bought ice-creams. Popsicle moulds are easy to find – I bought mine at K-Mart. I only have enough to make 6 moulds – so I put the coconut cream mix back in the fridge, and once the first 6 were frozen, I removed, placed in a plastic container with the bottom and each layer lined with baking paper. I was then able to make 6 more with paddle pop sticks as the popsicle stick. This is handy as then you can keep making and storing different flavours (something I am looking forward to doing in the kitchen – stay tuned for icy-pole versions).

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These will be good for a couple of months in the freezer – if they can last that long!

Makes enough to fill 12 60 ml popsicle moulds

Vegan and GF (but check almond milk packaging)

190 ml coconut cream

190 ml almond milk

1 tbs honey

About 1 strawberry per mould (10-12 strawberries)

About 8 blueberries per mould (about 100-120 grams of blueberries)

Pour coconut cream and almond milk into a medium bowl. Add a tbs of honey and whisk.

Slice strawberries.

Into each popsicle mould, add a few blueberries, followed by a few strawberry slices, repeat until you reach the top – about 2-3 layers of fruit.

Pour the coconut cream mix into each mould until fruit is covered.

Freeze overnight.

To remove from the moulds, hold the moulds over some warm running water for several seconds. Pull out. Run them under water again for a little longer if it doesn’t work the first time.

Published by Zoe Crichton