Finding the perfect clothing brand that provides you with warming clothes that are also fitted and stylish can take time to find, but as more and more brands jump on the bandwagon, this is slowly getting easier. With this being said, we are going to be providing you with insight into some of the popular clothing brands for women to wear this winter. 

North Face 

When searching for winter fashion North Face is the place to be. With a number of Body Warmers, shoes and even trousers with warm inner lining, you can look fashionable and feel warmer than ever when out and about. Whether you are looking for an outfit for running errands, the ultimate ski holiday or even just to keep you warm on your morning commute, North Face is the perfect brand for you to choose from. Not only are their clothes high quality, but they are also on the more affordable side. 

J Brand 

If you are looking for the perfect pair of jeans for every event, there are also a number of brands that offer some of the best jeans on the market in a wide range of cuts. With j brand denim jeans, you have a wide range of options available in a number of different colours and materials allowing you to express you’re your style in your own way making this the perfect choice for those that love all things denim. Whether you wear them on a night out on the town or you decide to wear them at home, this is the perfect option for you. 

J Crew 

Another brand that is well worth investing in 2019 is J crew, with a number of chunky knit jumpers and some of the most comfortable pyjama sets on the market, you can shelter from the cold regardless of what the day has in store for you. Whether you opt for a knitted jumper and hat combination or you opt for a comfortable PJ set to relax in after a long day in the office, this will benefit you in the long term and allow you to shelter from the cold in style. 

New Look 

The final brand that is incredibly popular this winter is New Look. With a number of warm winter coats and some of the most stylish jumpers and jeans in a wide variety of different colours, you can have the perfect look for any weather condition. Though it can be difficult to choose the perfect clothing for you, searching some of their deals as well as a number of their accessories, you can enjoy the very best of the winter style you love without being cold at any point, making this the perfect way to style yourself ready for even the coldest December morning. 

With this in mind, winter fashion does not have to be frumpy as you can enjoy fitted jumper and coats that not only keep you warm but also look great allowing you to be confident and ready regardless of whether you are on a night out or just running errands. 


Published by Mohaned Gadnne