So on Friday 26th of August, my family and i went to Alberferia, we mooched around the old lanes looking at all the shops, we had a look on their market stalls and then had some dinner, i had one of the best omelettes ive ever had, called a Spanish omelette, filled with so many veggies and potatos i wasn’t hungry all day, i had that with chips, salad and a coke zero in the sun. 
In the afternoon we went to the Marina here we chilled and had drinks in the sun. We booked the most excited thing and waited.. the evening came, my boyfriend Joe and i got the chance to go parasailing!
It cost us 39 euros each, we got an 1 hour boat ride and parasailed for 10 mins it was amazing. We went far out into the ocean, which was quite scary, no wherenear the shore. We were with other people so we took it in turns to go up in the air, but we had our life jackets and swings put on us and then we were securely clipped onto a bar which was attached to the string and parachute. 
I thought i was getting a ‘grown up’ life jacket but no out of all the group which there was 10 of us including children i got the childs jacket, the smallest one, typical. It must be my peck like boobs, honestly im 21! *insert eyeroll here* But at least i was secure and strapped in and safe. I cared about that more as i was scared of falling out, and not being a strong enough swimmer haha. 
Before we were let of into the air i was so nervous feeling excited yet anxious. I couldnt stop giggling with nerves i looked at my boyfriend and thought lets do this. 
– Sometimes facing fears, create you for the better! – 
The driver of the boat said ‘bye bye’ and thats it, he sped the boat right up, we flew gently back and then up and up and up till we were about 80ft in the air it was amazing so high up we were looking to the sea, the horizon, to the shore all the algarve, lit up for the evening, as it was about half 7 at this time. the most beautiful thing though, was watching the sun set! 
it was so quiet in the sky just me and joe. The hot sun, beaming down glistening on the waves, some of the waves were so big we watched them travel and pick the boat up a little. the sun was so bright and beautiful i cant desribe it but i will remeber that image in my mind forever. 
we watched the sun go and turn to dusk, it was a lovely experience, so scary yet wonderful and a big plus is that joe filmed it on his go-pro strapped to his head, which is awesome, but at the time i was nervous about that, and it falling and him losing it but he didnt and we now have amazing video footage of our wonderful experience to see this, – head over to my youtube channel ‘jaydyne overton’ and check out #part6 of my Portugal video logs for the clip. 
Anyone who is interested but hesitant of doing this, i will just say ‘just fo it’ you will love it. I felt so sick on the boat ride, i was nervous and had sea sickness, i had to have a sick bag but none of that matters as the parasailing was so amazing.. i forget the rest.
Anyone thinking about it, plan it and add it to the bucket list its a brill thing to experience and one that isn’t too scary for the worriers that want to experience thrill to!
Happy Holidays

Much Love J x

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