Positivity is around here somewhere.

I'm sure it is. Positivity can be found everywhere, even though it may just be hiding.

Tucked away in some nook or cranny, bathed in shadows and wrapped in dust, it's there, waiting to be found, waiting to be coaxed out.

However, beyond the tragedy that engulfs this world daily, there are tiny positives, that each of us, as an individual person, can find and embrace for ourselves: a time you smiled, a time you felt relief, a time you laughed, a time you made the world a little brighter for somebody else.

When you enjoyed a conversation, did a good deed or received kindness in turn. When you discover something new that you fall in love with or see the people or thing that makes your heart flutter. When you overcame a personal obstacle, no matter how small it may seem to others. When you had the confidence to complete a task or raise your voice.

Sometimes, life can seem to be handing you all the dud cards, your hand is a jumble and anything but winning, it is important to see the little good things in every day. That is why I began my Happy Little Victories jar. A stack of notelets left from Christmases gone by, a burnt out yankee candle and a biro with the lid chewed to shreds (eww!) Each time I achieve something, even the teeny tiny. Each time something happens that I want to remember, I write it down, fold it up an pop it in the jar. Then, when times are a little tough, you can open the jar and remember the little things that made you proud to be you, that made your life sunnier. 

I'm not sure where I first saw the idea of the happiness jar. I started it so long ago that the memory has since left me. However, it is a wonderful idea, thought up by a wonderful person and it's something everyone can do. Every week, I write down the things that have made me thankful or happy.

It's important to celebrate the teeny, tiny, almost insignificant, positive moments in the seemingly mundane, that we often take for granted. Bask in the positivity that everyday brings, hidden in different guises.

When the life is painting the world in shades of grey, find a palette and add your own colour. Remember to try and smile. Crows feet are very becoming.

Published by Kate