I just want to share small things that makes my day positive and bright. I hope this will help all of you.

Positivity Reminders: 
– Seek positive points of others
– Don’t forget to smile
– Thank God for the blessings you have received for the day
– Problems are challenges waiting to be answered
– Do a random act of kindness everyday
– The littlest of things make the heart happy
– Keep a goal in mind
– Remember your inspiration(s)
– Breathe in. Breathe out.
– Get more sleep
– Drink lots of water
– People will judge you in the end
– Acceptance is one of the special keys
– Walking outside everyday helps
– Stop comparing yourself to others
– Enjoy your hobby
– Keep on setting goals
– Surround yourself with positivity
– Always clean up
– Simplicity is the best
– Meditate once in a while
– Have your own sweet escape
– Have your own journal! (My personal favorite)
– Recall your favorite memories
– It’s always a lovely day
– Exercise
– Read a good book
– Movie nights with a group of friends
– Play UNO cards with your best buddies
– Read old notes from the past
– Write down what you would want to say to the future you
– Wear your favorite t-shirt
– Accept feedbacks
– Get enough sunlight
– Light up your room
– Separate yourself from social media

That’s all for now! Have a good day ahead of you.

Published by Meryl Shie