Dear San Francisco,

            Thank you for a memorable experience in your city. I will never forget all that your city has to offer. I enjoyed visiting Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, Pier 39, and the Muir woods. I would recommend these places to those who have yet to visit the golden city. The Golden Gate Bridge was amazing; I never realized how foggy it got until I got there. The bridge is not only connecting two pieces of land, it is also connecting people together from all over the world. There were so many languages I heard when I was there that made it me appreciate how diverse America truly is.

Sincerely, someone who loved visiting your city

P.S. Stay Golden


Dear Fisherman’s Wharf,

For years to come I will look back and remember walking down Fisherman’s Wharf, the faint smell of salt water and fish in the air. Merchants grabbing fresh Dungeness crab out of cardboard boxes.  And sound of the wind whistling through the boats as they move up and down like a bobber. I had some of the best food on the wharf. If it is some chowder you are in the mood for, swim over to The Blue Mermaid and get some crab chowder. If you’re feeling a little crabby sidestep over to the Fisherman's Grotto fresh Dungeness crab legs. On the wharf there are so many great restaurants and things to do you will never get bored.

Sincerely, a fellow fisherwoman

P.S. I’m hooked


Dear Chinatown,

You are so beautiful. I love all the bright colors and intrinsic details your part of the city entails. There are not many places where you can immerse yourself in a different culture in the way that you can there. The atmosphere is rich in tradition and heritage. Right when you walk in you see that grand arch, then you know you are in for an exciting adventure into a different world. I was transported from a northern city in California to China.

Sincerely, a fortunate traveler

P.S. your lucky numbers are 4 6 9 12


Dear Pier 39,

Watching the wild sea lions in the ocean is something I would never be able to see at home. Even though we went on a cooler day there was still a lot basking in the overcast light. You could see the breath rise as the seals bark at each other on the docks. When we were done watching the seals we ventured into your hidden cove and discovered a carousel, shops, and restaurants. Unforgettable sights, sounds, and smells will always be apart of my visit at pier 39.

Sincerely, an excited observer

P.S. You get my seal of approval.


Dear Muir Woods,

I’m so glad I was able to visit you in your neck of the woods. Your views were indescribable. When I tell people of your trees people would think that I am telling them a tall tale. I appreciate you and respect your trees for being 1,000s of years old. Just think a dinosaur could have walked through the same path that I was on. Your unforgettable views will remain in my mind for the rest of my life. One day I wish to return again to bask in the beauty of your forest.

Sincerely, a tree hugger

P.S. you will grow on people 

Published by Heather Lapacz