So I have been back from England for less then two weeks, and the Post-Europe-Depression is hitting me hard. Really hard. I mean don't get me wrong, I am beyond excited to be home; see my dog and have a hug from Mum.  

But, my heart is heavy. I feel like something is just not quite right! (Is it too cliche to say a piece of me was left in the Northern Hemisphere?!)

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term, "Post Europe Depression" or PTD, let me break it down. It is that feeling you get when you come home from a big overseas trip, where things just don't feel right. It is the trouble sleeping, it is the constant wishing you were back overseas and it is the thinking of crazy ways to get back there. Other symptoms of PTD also include frequently visiting your Instagram feed to re-live the trip, looking at flight prices even though your bank account is empty and feeling a little out of place.

The Getaway Brigade, capture the symptoms nicely in the photo below. 


Like, this photo is my life. I mean, the things I would do for a Gregs' and a horrible English coffee are ridiculous. I don't think the shock of being back has wore off and I am constantly confused as to why I am in my bedroom rather then England. 

See, for the last month of our trip, the Ginger and I were constantly quizzing one and other to see if we really did want to go home and now for the last week, we have been quizzing each other to see when we can go back. I think we wanted the familiarity of home without having to give up the fun. 

At the airport in England I cried my eyes out. There was a sadness I felt that I didn't feel when we were leaving Sydney, that 6 months earlier. A sadness about no longer being able to jet off to another country for 3 days at a time, dance on tables and pinch myself that I was in the Geordie Shore and see Garry or Charlotte walked past me (AND YES THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!). I think I was crying that I had to return to my comfort zone. 

Since being home this last two weeks, all I have done is dream of the next adventure and I honestly think that is the only way to ease the symptoms of PTD. 

Where to next...? 





Disclaimer: This post was originally posted on my own Blog, Margaritas with Mallory. 

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