For some reason, after the EU referendum result was revealed there has been a huge spike in hate crime and racist behaviour, it has increased by 56%. Neo-nazi stickers, graffiti, verbal abuse. BRITIAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING? It's almost as if people think that these 'foreigners' are all going to 'go home'. It is actually laughable. The main target seems to be the Polish, with cards being posted through Polish families doors calling them scum and telling them to go home.

Twitter has shared various comments that have heard around the country:

'Get packing, your going home'

'Foreigners have 48 hours to f**k right off. Who is foreign here? Who?'

'Send them home'

'Polish vermin'

'White only zone'

Britain has always been a multicultural tolerable community. All of a sudden we are becoming a divided community and its heart breaking when there is panic and uncertainty about the future. Judging and critiquing one another for their opinion about leaving or remaining in the EU. Whether they were born here or not, is that really important? We as a country should be stronger and accept diversity in all its colours, shapes and sizes. Do you know what's even more interesting, a couple of hours after the EU referendum result the UK's second most googled question was 'what is the EU?'. That says it all really.  Does that mean that people voted and had no idea what the EU actually was? That is what I call an uneducated vote.

It is almost as if the result of the referendum has validated peoples racism and allowed them to feel they can promote their ideals and opinions on to others. It is a hate crime. It is not acceptable to treat another human being like that, to put them through suffering because of something they cannot change about themselves; their nationality.  Channel 4 showed a video of a group of lads on a tram shouting at a gentleman calling him an immigrant, telling him to leave the country, to f**k off, threatening him. The tram was busy occupying children and babies. Watching the video left me with strong feelings of disgust and sadness.

We as a country should stand together strong and most importantly stamp out racist abuse before it spirals out of control.

Published by Katy-Jane Pitt