Words don’t come easy.
Photo credits @bythewaysweety

Like I sad: words don’t come easy. Walking down the streets of Venice that particularly July afternoon I was happy and joyful like many others, but there was more: wherever I looked, whatever I set my eyes I recognized the pattern of life – MAGIC.

I wasn’t surprised. No, I wasn’t at all. Actually, I had a feeling I’m witnessing the appearance of magic itself in front of every single shop window and I was exited, wanted to feel and see more…

Red bricks, Murrain glass, Arabian curves and ornaments with embroidered umbrella in front of the door of ancient Theater – how romantic it was the experience: watching the old building while eating hot pizza in the restaurant across the street…

I have a book about Venice painting during 18th century consisting of art of works made by Italian painters. Many of them have grayish blue sky and grayish blue see like on this picture I shot that day- Amazing!


Published by Slavica Damnjanović