A few months ago a friend of mine from Australia introduced me to a fascinating new hobby called Postcrossing. Postcrossing is a community of people who like to swap postcards from around the world. Now, as someone who is fascinated by the world, I was immediately drawn to this hobby.

Since I have joined this website, I have become addicted. I have received postcards from all over the world, including countries like India, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Belarus, Russia and more. It has been a great experience; I have learned so much from receiving these postcards.


How Postcrossing Works

Postcrossing is simple. Once you have registered for an account, request to send a postcard. The Postcrossing website will then generate another user’s address along with a postcard ID; which is what the recipient will use to record your postcard as received. When your postcard is marked as received, you will then be eligible to receive a postcard in return from a different user.

I should note that for those who are concerned, the only people who will see your address are the people who will be sending you a card. Postcrossing is well regulated; they make it possible to remain relatively anonymous while you enjoy this project.


How to Get Started on Postcrossing

Getting started as a Postcrosser is quick, easy … and free. All you need to do is register for an account at https://www.postcrossing.com/.


Happy Postcrossing!!


For more info check out the Postcrossing info page.

Published by Melissa Rose