What do you mean by meditation? What's the use  of practising it? Are there any principles to follow? Let's discuss:

      "The thing about meditation is you become more and more you." Meditation is the process of inculcating the power of unknown into you. It's the way of improving your brain's efficiency and the functioning  of human body. The practice of meditation was started in the medieval age and it's still being continued. We have 8 positioned chakra's in our body which defines our attitude and health. Inculcating the habit of meditation in your daily routine keeps you refreshed and you'll be glowing. The position of chakra and it consequences are defined here:

1.Root Chakra - Represents the foundation. It's is located at the base of spine in tail bone area.

2. Sacral Chakra - Caring and connecting ability. Located at lower abdomen

3. Solar Plexus Chakra -  Defines your self-confidence and is at upper abdomen in stomach area.

4. Heart Chakra -  Ability to love. Situated at the center of the chest.

5. Throat Chakra - Determines communication skills. 

6. Third-eye Chakra - Determines the focus. Located at the forehead between the two eyes.

7. Crown Chakra - Connecting spiritually. Located at the top of head. 

      "Meditation is like breaking out of a personal prison and finding paradise." From the Ancient world to the modern world, the Yogi's, the Guru's, the leaders practised and they're inculcated in their daily lives. Meditation allows you to be self-controlled; develops self-esteem and you need to be patient. It will collapses pessimism in you. Meditation frees you from the body imbalances you've. It maintains economic growth of your body and soul. It can be done in two ways:

1. Inhale deeply and exhale, concentrating on your breathe and rest your palms on your knees, connecting thumb and index finger.

2. Breathe normally and keep you palms just above your stomach placing one over the other and concentrate on forehead, a spot between your eyes.

      Now you may ask me a question: "How the chakras can be moved upwards? Well, while you meditate a positive vibrations, which are present around you will move into your body through the top of your head and lifts the chakra upwards. The best hours to practise meditation is morning. Wake up at 4 AM or 5 AM, wash your face, sit on a mat and start meditating. If you sit on the ground the power in you is absorbed by the earth because of it's gravitational force. So make sure you're sitting on a mat. At the initial stage it will be difficult to concentrate and to sit for more time. So, start with 15 minutes and increase 5 minutes a week. Don't open your eyes suddenly. Open them slowly.

   " Find your inner strength to glow like a sun in darkness of you.Within no time you'll observe change in you; you'll be dynamic and self-inspired. You'll be glowing like a sun in the darkness of the world. I'm practising this since 8 years and the change in me is unbelievable.The change we become makes us to know where the position of the chakra is. It is also the process of knowing oneself. So keep practising this powerful tool and you'll be defeating weaknesses you've. If you're tired after a day long work, do it for few minutes, you'll feel relieved from stress and refreshed. I'll hope this will be included in your schedule.

      "Meditation boons inner peace. Maintain inner peace, world can be conquered with it."


Published by Sai Anirudh