I have recently come to deeply understand just how powerful it is to allow your-self to relax. I have always been super busy, adding more and more into my day. I would add another 15 minutes onto my already extensive exercise program, because I had to be fitter and loose more weight. Or I would come up with a new jam-packed schedule to follow because I wanted to be a better version of myself. Thinking “I should/have to do more” to get me to where I want to be. EEEEK I feel tired just thinking about it.

It is in times like this the “schedule task master” takes over. You become a frantic stressed out crazy woman! Busy ticking off the next item on your list of things you “should” do. Your mind races and you run off down the garden path with the made up stories in your head. You actually start to believe you are so busy and don’t have any time to stop, or to do something nurturing for yourself, no way you have to keep going! The house cleaning, the children, your husband, your work have all become great excuses for you to not stop and take a breath and give yourself a little lovin.

I became really really exhausted living like this and really really really underwhelmed with my life, I was so bored as my life was just a list of what I thought I had to do, or should do. Funny enough with all the extra tasks I created for myself I never actually got closer to where I wanted to be. I had busied myself so much that I couldn’t hear what my heart and soul really wanted. I had no idea what I wanted anymore!

It all comes back to my old favourite “when you stop and give to yourself, you can actually give more”, it’s that simple. Schedule in 10 minutes for you, meditate or take a bath or take a walk in nature. Breathe and let go! When you allow yourself to relax you can let go of all the tension and silly stuff you are holding onto. The poor worn out hamster running on the wheel in your brain can take a breather. When you stop you can truly hear what your heart desires, it knows what you really want, your head just gets in the way. Treat yourself and stop, relax and listed to your heart, it’s a real life changer. It keeps you on the right path, it helps you to create the life of your dreams and actually gives you more energy to do more than you ever imagined. Be kind to yourself and stop running.

My favourite power punch R&R is a bath!

I love baths and I love herbs and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to put herbs in my bath and make it a herbalicious hot tub! A 10-minute soak is a recipe for radiating beauty that’s for sure. You will be amazed at the difference it makes. Letting all your muscles relax in the tub will give you that “just came back from holiday’s” fresh-faced look. Light some candles, listen to some relaxing music or better yet guided meditation.

It’s a real power pamper potion!  

Herbs are my little friends I love them, I love to eat them, drink them, put them on my skin and yes bathe in them. Below are a few you can easily get your hands on, they are often totally over looked and have amazing properties for your skin!

Lavender - I guess now days most consider lavender to be a little old fashion, but the herb of the granny is so much more than a great thing to make your underwear draw smell nice. The beautiful smelling bush can ease pain from rashes and calm itchy patches and allergy reactions. It can help to heal cuts, sores, abrasions and ulcers, it has amazing bacterial properties to aid treating fungal infections and the bacteria that causes acne. It can help to reduce skin carcinoma, sun damage and aging! It truly packs a punch, pick it and pop some in your bath pouch or an old stocking and soak away.

Chamomile – not only is it relaxing to drink it but also relaxing to soak in, if you have some organic chamomile tea bags why not pop 5 – 10 in your bath! It is also good for healing inflamed skin, rashes, acne, bites and stings. It is an anti-inflammatory and anti allergy and been known to help soften skin and reduce signs of aging. Good one for spring to soothe the skin if you are sensitive to all the pollen floating around. Hello happiness!

Ginger – awesome for a detox bath! Pop in about 2 -5 grated tablespoons in your bath pouch or the end of a stocking, it will ease sore muscles after a work out and eliminate toxins from your body, yay! It is like lying in a huge cup of detox tea. It will also help you to sweat out colds and flu’s.

Cinnamon – a beautiful age-old spice, there is some pretty cool spiritual history attached to this spicy stick. Like ginger it is great for detoxing after an illness, it is also a natural disinfectant so will give you a total thorough cleanse. It is also great for spicing up your spirit, super invigorating and really handy to put a smile on your dial!

Enjoy, really allow yourself to relax, trust me it will show in your face, you will look more youthful and radiant and best of all you will be able to listen to what you truly desire.


Published by Chrissy Davies