Recently, the workplace has become one of the key subjects of my posts. It has come to my attention that at any workplaces people face similar issues of power struggle, low team work, poor communications and eventually conflicts with colleagues. Unfortunately, these are often faced by numerous enterprises in various industries and no matter how hard one tries to avoid these, there is something that always comes up and most likely from the least expected form. So is there a universal strategy of some sort that will allow companies to at least reduce the level of these things at work place?

The most common trigger for any of these issues, seems to be the hunger for power. The employees strive to be better at their jobs to climb the career ladder. Whilst this is totally human and understandable, this may also disrupt teamwork in an working environment. We then face the never-ending question: is competition healthy or disruptive?

Following from that comes another tricky question: so who takes responsibility when several people are involved? Usually what happens is if the project is successful everyone wants the credit but in the case of failure no one wants the blame. Except in a working environment, no one is to blame. We are all together working to achieve the best results of one project, learning from one another and brainstorming together for the ideas. So why do people focus so much on being best and above everyone else instead of focusing on one idea/project? Don't people realise that the more one focuses on himself the less attractive he becomes and regardless of his personal success it won't be accounted for unless shared in a team?

Happiness is only real when shared. I believe the same applies to the success of a team in a working environment. What do you think?

Published by Karina Saakyan