Batman... Superman... Thor... Iron Man... The Hulk... Captain America...

Superheroes owning super strengths, protecting the world's civilians from evil encounters plotted by all of the kryptonic Jokers.

Recently I watched Batman Begins (for the 20th time ;) ) and it got me thinking, if I could have a super power, what would it be. Now we've all pondered this question at least once, whether it was due to being youngsters hanging with friends and pretending that you all had powers or because you just saw a Marvel/ DC Comic movie and the "power" question naturally pops up while discussing the film. As kids, our answers are pretty much based off of whoever our favorite superhero is, I was then and forever a Batman fan. As adults, we tend to take this simple question and turn it up a couple of notches by carefully considering what power we would choose based on certain situations going on in our lives. The "literal" game is replacing the "imaginary" game.

For myself, I'd choose Telepathy. Yep, the ability to read one's mind would be my poison choice. The ultimate invasion of privacy, scary when you taste the flavor of that thought. However, there's a particular reason why I'd want this ability, decipher whether someone was being genuine or just a jerk masquerading as such. And yes, I am aiming my selectiveness to guys. Not to be sexist, I just don't worry about if the females I meet throughout my life are real or fake because I already have a keen sense on which way their gage is pointing. Women have subtle idiosyncrasies that give away if their genuine in their actions and conversations. Men, well, I used to be able to read guys, or at least I thought I did. My relationship rap sheet would beg to differ that conclusion.

I don't need, nor want to know every little thought swimming through the male mind. I have a younger brother who tells me everything about everything going on with him and he's always been Mr. Share it all with me. I love/ hate it, love because we're not just siblings, but best friends. Hate because, well, you guys are gross sometimes, just saying ;) .  Just a few thoughts here and there to better guesstimate if he's a Dark Knight or Two Faced. You get what I mean.

So, I have to ask, what's your poison?


Published by Derra Sabo