We live in an era in which everything can be made and done in an instant. We get instant information, instant knowledge, instant pleasures and fun, instant food. Although, this concept is making our lives easier and more efficient, it draws us back from our natural life-pace which would be much slower and steady.

The expectations we build everyday carried out by our fast-paced lives make us desire an instant cure, instant relief for our pain, magical diets for an instant weight loss and a package of pills for our overnight wellness. But this concept is not natural and it cannot apply to the nature and the needs of the human organism.

We endanger our health and well-being everyday by neglecting our needs and by undergoing a lot of stress and pressure. Sadly, all this results with many, nowadays called “modern”, diseases such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, obesity, diabetes and many autoimmune disorders caused mostly by stress.

Taking all this in consideration, we witness how people are constantly battling with their needs and responsibilities and the desire and attempts to live healthier and happier.

So, what does wellness really mean and how do we achieve it after all? In this article you’ll find some unconventional recipes that are surely powerful enough to help you start the change towards your overall well-being.

Taking good Care of Yourself

Wellness starts by taking good care of yourself. Moreover, this sentence signifies much more than just eating healthy and exercising, as people often assume.


1.   Setting a personal life pace

2.   Loving and listening to yourself

3.   Surrounding yourself with healthy relationships

4.   Positive thinking and mindfulness

5.   Listening and taking care of your body


Setting your personal Life Pace

Taking good care of yourself starts by setting your own personal life pace. Living in this modern world we are almost imposed with the hectic everyday lifestyle. Moreover, this results in making a great deal of compromises with our needs for the chance to fit in and survive. This shouldn’t always be the case. Almost every person has the chance to make better choices for themselves and consciously choose what is best for their well-being.

Setting up a good living environment and a personal life pace according to your needs is a smarter choice than dealing with the great consequences of stressful and overwhelming lifestyle. However challenging it may be, it is rewarding.

Self-love and constructive self-care

Taking a constructive self-care will teach you patience and acceptance of everything that creates you as a person. Self-love starts with an acceptance and awareness of what your emotional, mental and your body’s true needs are. It’s not easy to keep away from all of the influences that shape our reality and the way we think, but practicing awareness and listening to yourself will help you take control over your life and actions.

Once you know what you really want out of a situation or a person, by listening to yourself only, you’ll get to know the true satisfaction of being true to yourself and to your needs. We all need to make compromises in life but setting up good boundaries for yourself will teach you self-love and self-care.

Developing a loving relationship with yourself that supports an acceptance of life, encourages great resilience no matter what happens.

Healthy Relationships and setting up a Personal Space

Maintaining good relationships and a good social life is very important for every human being. We are social animals, we can’t live alone and we constantly search for a place to belong. Moreover, social support is very important for a healthy life.

In our everyday lives we continuously work on maintaining good relationships with our parents, siblings, friends, partners, colleagues. However, often we are involved and tend to tolerate a relationship that is toxic and disturbs our well-being. It is sometimes hard to acknowledge these situations, but they consume a lot of energy and may increase anxiety. Moreover, they will withdraw you from the path towards forming a healthy relationship with yourself.

Being aware of your needs for a personal space and how much interference you can tolerate, will help you spot the toxic person you are dealing with. Although in most cases this person may be an authority or colleague, but it may also be your partner or a close friend. Turn to yourself and check: ”Does this person really meet my needs and doesn’t interfere with my personal space?” Good relationship lies on a great deal of compromises; however it shouldn’t interrupt your personal space, leading you to hurting yourself and neglecting your needs.

On the other hand, healthy, supportive and free of judgment relationship can enhance your well-being by boosting your confidence and self acceptance. Love and care is proven to be the best remedy and a miracle worker for achievements in a person’s life.

Positive Thinking and Mindfulness

Thinking positively is not just a cheesy motivational phrase you’ve heard a million times. Science has it, that it is rather true that - as we think so we become, and as we have become so we can see how we have been thinking.

Stress and fears come from stressful thoughts that have a direct impact on our body in many ways. Therefore, every thought materializes itself causing our body to change and react to it. If it is a positive thought it will impact us in a positive way, if it is a negative one it will have a negative impact. Many diseases and disorders people develop in their lifetime are directly linked to their stressful lifestyle and worrisome mindset.

The hardest thing in life is to take control over our thoughts, as our mind is never resting and it is in charge of our beings. It is even harder in a life full of problems and challenges to keep up a positive attitude and a healthy mindset.

As mentioned before, turning your attention to yourself, to your inner being, emotional and existential needs, is the first step towards achieving strong and healthy mindset. Nothing in life comes easy and this also requires a lot of practice and patience. To establish this connection and help achieve mindfulness, it is important to practice some of the techniques such as meditation, deep breathing or guided imagery. Therefore, mindfulness means increasing awareness of yourself and conscious control over your thoughts, emotions and how you react on the external factors that affect you.

The ability to be fully present and aware will help you achieve and maintain positive mindset in accordance with your inner self.

The most powerful Recipe for wellness is written within your Body

A very important part when establishing a good relationship with yourself, is the only physical aspect of it, the relationship that is going on between your body and the food you consume.

Your body is a great source of wisdom. As unique and powerful as it is, it has a mechanism for communicating with you and demanding what it needs. Learning how to pay attention, looking and listening to the signs your body is providing for you, will teach you what food is the best fuel for its well-functioning. Moreover, it will even more aggressively refer to the food that is bad and interferes with its well-functioning.

Your body trusts you with making decisions on what you consume in your daily diet and responds to them. Most of the feedback your body provides throughout the day is from the food that is or isn’t consumed. You need to make time to become a good listener. Recent cramps, bloating, stomachaches and headaches, sleeping problems or moodiness are your body’s way of telling you that you made a bad decision.

Communicate with your body on a daily basis.  Does the food you already ate provide enough energy, or do you feel sluggish? Does it speed up or slow down your metabolism? Are you content? Whatever your body is telling you, you should respect it!

Nowadays, even modern medicine is turning more to this method of defining what food is healthy and suitable for a person and what food is bad for its overall health. So-called personalized nutrition is the key to a healthy organism and a strong body. Variety of medical tests are available today to help a person discover the perfect and most powerful diet for achieving full potential and perfect weight-regulation. Therefore, the perfect dieting concept for wellness, weight-management and daily nutritional needs is written within your body, completely unique and efficient.

CBD Dessert for a healthy Body and Mind

Here is one powerful food recipe, which is a great way to start your healthy dieting along with your more relaxed and conscious lifestyle. This recipe will help you ease your body and mind from stress, and boost you with enduring energy from great nutrients. All these benefits come from a magical ingredient you are about to meet and implement in your everyday life – the CBD oil.  Made from the non-psychoactive cannabinoids of the marijuana plant the CBD oil has gained its popularity among many satisfied customers as a very beneficial supplement and a strong and natural remedy. Moreover, it may help in reducing anxiety, stress and insomnia, pain relief, inflammation and nausea.

Also, if you came here for a powerful recipe to lose some weight for the summer you have found your personal assistant in losing fat. Some studies show the positive effect CBD has in weight regulation by directly affecting the white fat cells. Moreover, CBD reduces the production of the proteins that create new fat cells within the body. Furthermore, it is possible that CBD directly affects number of activities in the metabolism associated with the ability to burn calories. Amazing huh? Choose best quality CBD oil and enjoy this delightful and easy to make treat for your best health and pleasure.

Banana-coconut balls


1 banana

1 cup of dates

1 cup walnuts

1 cup coconut flakes

2 teaspoons coconut oil

1 teaspoon honey

1 teaspoon cinnamon

Pinch of salt

½ cup cocoa powder* (optional)

1 tablespoon CBD oil


1.      It is recommended to soak the dates in warm water for 15-20 min to soften and blend easy.

2.      Grind the walnuts into small pieces.

3.      Blend the dates and the banana in a food processor until they form a paste.

4.      Add all the rest of the ingredients and blend until you get a homogeneous mixture.

5.      Roll into small balls.

6.      Roll the balls in coconut flakes or cocoa powder as preferred.

7.      Leave them in the fridge for an hour to cool and firm.

8.      Enjoy!

Published by Evan Javier