Fear towards something only will hold you back, whereas, facing  your fear every single time will only make you stronger. You become more confident towards those scary public speaking sessions or making presentations in front of your classmates or colleagues. 

My pet peeve was public speaking, when I was in a University pursuing my undergraduate degree. I felt, engineering students never have to make a presentation in the crowd. Little did I know, someday, I would be in a position at work and lead number of people.

During my graduate school years, I learnt, making a presentation in front of 45 people was not so difficult. I did it over and over to get over the fear of public speaking. Now, I am aiming towards being a better speaker and in hope of excelling to be one and joined Toastmasters International.

You never know what future holds, grab the opportunity that life throws at you because you will only be proud of yourself later in life. Because those little achievement will be towards your benefits in future. 

Published by Pratibha Bhattarai