Not African Americans. Not White Americans. Not Hispanic Americans. Not Asian Americans. Not a young white Christian woman, such as myself. Americans. We are all Americans and we have never been more divided.

I am proud to call myself an American, but I am embarrassed at the amount of hate and division currently in our country. Not every black man or woman who is killed by a white officer is a victim of racism or police brutality, and the same goes for white men and women who are killed by a black officer. Now I am not saying police brutality does not exist. There are crooked and bad people in every profession, but the majority of officers are not crooked. The majority of police officers go to work every day to protect us civilians and simply want to return to their homes and families at the end of the shift. In a similar fashion, not all blacks are thugs and not all whites are racist.

 If you want to peacefully protest against police brutality, that is your constitutional right as an American and everyone should respect it whether they agree with you or not.  I am not saying that all of the demonstrations for police brutality have been violent, the protest in Dallas last night was peaceful until the sniper started shooting at officers, but violent riots and protests are not the answer. More hate and more killings are not the answer. We need to pray for all of the people involved in these situations and their families. Just because the man killed may or may not have been resisting or was wearing a uniform, does not make the pain and loss these families are experiencing less valid or less real.

We need to come together as Americans and as a unified country against our enemies. That's right, it may be hard to believe, but we have a bigger enemy than each other. We have ISIS targeting all of us, regardless of race, for simply being Americans.

I want to see our country to come together again and love and respect one another as Americans. I want to see everyone in our nation being proud to fly our flag and respecting the lives lost protecting it, instead of burning and trampling it. It shouldn't matter if you are black, white, straight, gay, Christian, or Athiest. We are all Americans and we should all stand together. I just pray to God it doesn't take another massive tragedy like 9-11 to bring us all together, because that is the last time I truly remember our country being united. #PrayforDallas #PrayforAmerica

Published by Bewitched Reader