My heart aches for the world. A world filled with heartbreaking news about bombs, shootings and so much hate towards “gay people”, “black people”, women, people with different religious beliefs… It is scaring.

Yesterday, after listening about the tragic death of black people and police officers it took me hours to fall asleep. When i finally did i dreamt about this precious little girl on my pic. It wasnt a bad dream, hopefully it was such a happy one. But when i woke up i reminded what happened yesterday, and i felt i had to write down this.

When i look at this picture i just can see two differences between this girl and me. Different age and different skin tone. That´s it. But instead, i see many similarities. I see two girls who love making friends, giving out hugs and singing “let it go” all day. I see two girls with dreamy minds, beautiful families and a desire to give love to the world.

I perfectly remember when i met this little one. It was the day i arrived to a foreign country and she was the only girl in the house (as well as her sweet grandma). Both welcomed me in such a warm way and we instantly got along so well together. She told me if we could play and imagine we were sisters and so we did that all day. And as the night came, she asked me if i could read her a fairytale till she fell asleep. We laughed and cuddled towards the story and then we both fell asleep in the same bed. It was one of my favorite nights on earth. And when i woke up the next morning i saw her little face peacefully sleeping next to me, it was everything so sweet…

Today, this image cant stop running through my mind. As i think of how much grief and pain black people is feeling right now i think of her. I think of the beautiful way she welcomed me and how she asked me to be her sister even though i looked different from her,  i think how she peacefully fell asleep as i touched her hair.

I dont want this girl to grow up in a world with so much hate. I dont want her to think my life is any different from hers. I want her to feel loved and proud of who she is. I want her to never ever feel scared of “white people” or anyone that looks different from her. I want her to keep her innocent heart that sees everyone with the same loving eyes. I wish she will always feel the sense of comfort and security she expressed when she fell asleep next to a “stranger” that night. I wish she will never have to think of that term, that there wont be “strangers” but friends from her. Any color of them. And i wish all the black people will see the world the same way than her. I pray i always made them feel loved. I pray that when they see white people they will think of brothers and sisters which will always welcome them in the warmest way. Just as we all deserve. 

The truth is when i listen to this news im often worried i cant help in any way. But i dont want to believe that. I want to believe we all can make a difference. We do not have to have a certain sex, race or religion to see what is happening and try to change it. We cannot let the world be like this.

So i wish that next time we listen to heartbreaking news we wont just feel broken or small, but instead that we will feel all this brutality is a way to wake up us. A way in which the world screams to us how much we are needed.

And i ask our hearts to keep strong and dont lose faith of the beauty that we still have, to remember that more hate will never be a solution. That more love is our only hope. We need to pray for the people who still feel any hate for those who are different from them, and show them how inside we are all the same.

My black brothers and sisters i want to let you know that i see your pain and i want to do more. I want to let you know that i love you and i will try with all my heart to be the change i want to see in the world.

I pray that we will all stand together in these hard times and remember how every single life is important, no matter our color, religion, preferences or any other thing. I pray we all think we are brothers and sisters just as my little friend did. More than ever we need opened hearts to EVERYONE. We need to believe that these dark times will come to an end as long as we give away love in everything we do. We can be a light in all these darkness. Let´s love stronger than we have ever done!!!!! 

Published by Carola Ber