Dear Heavenly Father, Jehovah God, Elohim, Our Strength and Our Everlasting  Hope and Assurance, 

Tonight, we, Your children,  come to You with humbled hearts, in the name of Your only begotten Son, Yeshuah, 

Thankful and filled with Love, knowing that it has been promised that whatever we ask, within Your Asking Will, in His Most Holy Name will be answered. 


Tonight, we are asking for humbleness and repentance in the hearts of the American people. Protect their hearts from the lies of the enemy. Let them not be led astray by those seeking to deceive them. 

Open their eyes and hearts to receive Truth. We ask that greed, hatred, prejudice, fear, pride, arrogance not prevail or enter into the hearts of those truly seeking peace, understanding, unity and Truth.

Father, we are asking that you THWART the enemy and defeat those seeking self-interest.

Help the YOUNG PEOPLE OF AMERICA see that THEIR FUTURE and the future of their country is being threatened and influenced by those who are self-seeking. 

We ask that You put a wall of protection around Hillary Clinton as the enemy seeks to destroy her. Help her to defend the RIGHTS of YOUR PEOPLE whom You have made being equal, regardless of race, ethnicity or status. Bless this soldier whom You have created to fight the good fight. May Your banner go before her.

In Jesus name, 

Published by Mishael T