Prayer for July 18: Please pray with me. God of the lost, today we pray that we would be open to being found. There are many, so very many people, who are lost in this world. They wander, they seek truth, they seek meaning. They are sick and seek health. They are angry and they seek revenge. They are afraid and they seek security. They are bored and they seek to be entertained. They have a hole to fill in their life, and yet they keep trying to fill it on their own. You are the only thing that will fill that hole to make us whole.  Help us to be open to hearing and seeing you in our lives.  Help us to open our arms to receive you and in receiving you, send us out to be your hands and feet - to go to those who seek, to those who are empty, to those who are angry, to those who are afraid - and offer the only thing that will fill the void - you.  Amen.

Published by Matthew Best