Dear Lord I wish to have my own place and my own money so I can do what I want. It seems like most people are filled with drama and don’t want to do anything fun . There hardened hearts are impenetrable. It is so sad . I pray for these people that they may loosen up and see that people have souls. People are not objects and should be treated respectfully . Women today seem like such pieces of entitled shit . Seriously I have talked with so many women and they wreak of feminism and man hatred. It is just so sad to see. Most dudes I talk with don’t seem like they are that bad of people . Dear lord I pray that you help remove the giant logs that are stuck in a lot of girls giant assholes. Your making everyone miserable!!! Lighten up so we can have some pg-13 fun together at least!!

Dear lord help me run away and be free to a place where I can call the shots and not have to bow down to some stupid woman. I honestly don’t care how pretty your are. Your horrible soul shines forth making it hard to see your beautiful cake face. My girlfriend was the exact same way. She puts forth this image that is just so fake it makes me want to puke. Looks are good for only so long until you will need a personality. I mean what kind of guy are you trying to attract ? A superficial douchebag ? Because that is what you wreak of. God if I didn’t have such a sick sense of humour towards woman I probably would of given up on true love just like all the other guys I know. There has got to be a woman with substance out there lord. I pray you bring her to me.

A woman who actually has virtues such as honestly and loyalty. Not one who talks all this talk and blames the world for all the garbage men. A woman who actually is honest and understand what it means to be brutally honest. To tell the truth even when it hurts. To be loyal not just with her body but with her mind and soul as well. One who actually wants to commit to one person and doesn’t dream of another life with another man. Dear lord all the stupid people somehow have all these things while I struggle. End the struggle for me lord I am very tired of it all. I am tired of being real nice and shit. Bring me a good solid woman for however long you see fit. I just cant stand being alone but I cant stand being with a stupid ugly woman either. There has got to be a way for me to be happy and at peace with another woman. Dear lord heal my heart and bring companionship and love my way. Also help me to develop a plan to make lots of money.

Dear lord I want a paradise on earth and I fee like that is not too much to ask. I want to be able to be free with a woman and have friends that are not slimy dirt bags. I want a woman who can communicate with me and has a simple understanding of basic emotions. I want an honest woman who actually cares about herself and others. A woman who has heart. A woman who has not given up and lives in a world beyond her looks. A Woman with courage who can actually stand up for herself and doesn’t need me to babysit her all the time. A woman with her own charisma and flare. I should not be having to drag a woman around because they are incompetent and don’t even know how to have a simple conversation.

Dear lord help me to have all my dreams come true. Help me become independent and stable . I am in a perfect place for all of this to happen. Help me have money and power because the people who have the money and the power are clueless heartless bastards. I will do well with it where others have failed and I shall prosper where others have sunk and died. I am ready for it lord and I ask you bless my life with all of your holy gifts. In Higher powers than I . AMEN!

Published by James Jantzen