Dear Lord I could really use your assistance to help with all these negative thoughts. I feel like the people around me just bitch and complain. They whine about how terrible life is yet they have all the tools they need to create a wonderful life for them selves. Please help me Divine Presence to clear away all these negative thoughts that plague me.

I do Thank you lord as I am happier than I use to be yet still these unbearable emotions still are tough to handle. I feel like this place of abundance is not even that much better than the poverty stricken house where I came from. It must be true that we are masters of our reality and some people will just never be happy. They fight and argue all day long and seem to be un happy with everything. I must have got all my issues from these loose cannons that I live with. Dear lord help me family and the people I live with stop complaining and bitching about pointless things . Help them to see the good in life as well as help them see how much they really have. Help me deal with there bullshit and help them to become happier and not have as much bullshit to spread to the world.

Dear Jesus, Roy  the guy I live with has serious throat issues and is always grunting like a sick bear. Help his throat heal so I don’t have to hear him coughing and attempting to clear his throat all day long. Dear Lord my life has gotten much better and I even came into some money after much effort. Help me to enjoy life and all the little pleasures that I do have. I just got Zelda the Twilight Princess and it is a hell of a game. For some reason I cant even seem to enjoy playing my Wii anymore. Sometimes I hate my life and I know it is because something is seriously wrong inside of me or with this piece of shit world.

Dear Great divine spirits take me to a happy place where I can be free to create my own reality and have some space to be. I just cant take life sometimes and I feel like Roy And my Mother act like little kids with no tight screws in their brains. They just fuckin talk shit all day long and I just cant stand it. Help with there negative brains and help them to maybe talk about something nice once in a while. They say they love this soccer Fifa World Cup yet all they do is complain about the referees and how pathetic all the divers are. Some may find it comical but I seriously have problems with listening to them not enjoy such a beautiful sport.  Help soothe the minds of these hostile critics and help us learn to enjoy life again. Help us to see how fortunate we are and that we have what it takes to find happiness and peace.

Published by James Jantzen