Dear great spirit who watches over us . I am in need of supernatural assistance , as my life circumstances have been unfavorable . It seems that I have been thrown into a pit of fire and it is unbearable .

I am tired of worrying and struggling to support myself . I am in need of honest money and happiness . I feel like I am a good person and deserve the greater things of life .

Watch over me great spirit and help me turn my life around . Help me change the course of my life . I have much to live for and potential beyond my wildest dreams . I will be kind and generous with my well deserved money . I refuse to be selfish as I know selfishness isn’t good for anybody .

I feel riddled with all sorts of unhealthy emotions that wear me down and kill my motivation to do the things that I feel I should do . Help bring my motivation out and help give me the energy to get a job and support those in need . Help me great spirit to heal wounds and forgive others . Sometimes I get really upset and I don’t want to feel that way anymore . I want to heal and to live a life of comfort and luxury . I want many things great spirit and I want you to send them to me .

Why does a good person like myself remain broke while ruthless con artists continue to be rich with material things ? Why can’t I catch I catch a break ? My spirit is not broken and I keep thinking things will get better . Where are you great spirit and why are you allowing such terrible things to happen to good people .

I want a good job and I want lots of money to help me feed my hungry stomach . I also want to be able to provide myself with adequate comfortable clothing . Is that too much to ask ? All my basic needs and honest money for comfort and luxury .

Lord shower me with angelic money and goodness . Help my dreams come true . Show me the best way and stop screwing me over !!

May I be heard and may my dreams come true .

Published by James Jantzen