Dear universe I do not understand my fear , I pray for courage to help me overcome whatever it is that is causing me to be afraid . If the world is such a fearful place I pray dear spirit that you show me an empowering world . Or just show me a world that is more pleasant and feels less like pain . I pray less pain enters my life and more soothing feelings take its place .

I pray that the pain stops and healing can take its place . The yelling and screaming is unbearable . I wish others would get along and stop ruining other people’s lives . I pray for the relationships of unhappy couples . That they learn to get along instead of fighting one another . That they stop acting like idiots and just break up with each other . I pray that unhappy couples stop treating the love of their lives like dirt bags . It makes sense to break up if your so damn miserable with one another .

Dear great spirit I feel like there are lots of bad people out there . I pray for protection and safety in rough times . That I can break free of these chains to a more private life . One where I don’t have to face such hardship on a daily basis . A sense of ease and simplicity feels like a beautiful thing . I never knew life was like this , this can’t be how life is .

Show me the way to a paradise on earth . I am tired of drama and feelings of hopelessness . This is a shout out to whatever birthed the human population and to whoever has a guidebook on how to be a happy peaceful human .

Published by James Jantzen